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Successful tender at the Central Bank of Hungary

ArgonSoft has won a tender for the development of the Central Bank of Hungary's new statistical data collection system. The project is scheduled for completion in 31 March 2018.

Further details:  (Link to Hungarian article)

New office

In the fall of 2015, we opened our new, modern office to meet the needs of our continuously growing team of IT experts. The office was not only welcomed by our employees, but also received a lot of positive press: 

(Link to Hungarian article)

The high quality of our office environment is also demonstrated by the compelling material in our tender for the “Office of the year” competition.

We are growing!

Not only is the size of our team constantly growing, but so is our office area, which we recently expanded to provide our new and current colleagues a working environment that is of the same quality or even better than they are already accustomed to.

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