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“Happy” New Century, Nuclear Medicine Industry!

What is the first year of the 21st century? 2000 or 2001? I think it is 2020. In the last 20 years we have done everything the same way as we did in the 20th century, the Y2K was ”just” a blown up IT programming glitch, the financial crisis was “just” a financial gamble of Wall Street. None of these has impacted the manufacturing process management especially in nuclear medicine, where the market players from manufacturers to regulators did not push for any major change while the pharma industry entered the 21st century.

Business contingency planning in the past was a must do document that was written to satisfy ISO or other internal procedures, which was written but never really tried. Digital transformation plans were also very similar, especially in nuclear medicine, everybody had a vision, but most of the time it was considered an expensive nice-to-have toy, which does not really help the everyday life of the production teams.

But these days we have to reconsider a lot of things around us in life and business.

 You can either act and react as the Wall Street traders and Corporate America, minimize the impact and make all the cuts solely focusing on the short term financials and your next quarterly earnings report. Or rethink how you would like your company to change and work in the future to avoid as much as we can the impact of a similar economical stress.

This is the point where I could quote from smart and famous people, that:

“The current COVID-19 virus pandemic is not a war, it is a lesson for the future”. Or “The way you act today (during this pandemic) will define your company’s structure and perception”. Or even an ancient Chinese phrase “The past is your lesson; the present is your gift and the future is your opportunity”.

BUT I won’t. I would rather use Martin Luther King Jr’s way of thinking and say:

I have a dream, that digital transformation in nuclear medicine will be seen as a pivotal driving force for productivity, planning, collaboration, research and business continuity.

Imagine that you have a detailed view and up to date weekly report on how much a dose costs you. Imagine that you know all your inventory levels to calculate when and how much inventory you need to order. Imagine that you can complete a production with real-time data and continuous collaboration even from a remote location without the need of personal interaction. Imagine having to participate on a global clinical trial or research, where you can share detailed information instantly without doing a double data entry. Imagine that all data and dashboards are instantly available for the management to handle unforeseen business situations.

You can say we have worked with paper batch reports for 10, 20 30 years and it was working.

You are right but think back to the days when contactless card payments were introduced vs. cash or traditional credit card payments, it was seen as a nice widget. Nobody looks at that from the same perspective today during this pandemic. Or when Microsoft introduced Teams as a collaboration platform, to compete with Slack and eventually replace Skype for Business, even I said: “Not too bad, but there are areas to improve”. I completely changed my mind when I saw my primary schooled kids go from the way I was learning 30 years ago into a fully digital teaching attending Teams video meetings, writing assignment and test fully online even on an iPad.

Sometime dreams are made reality by a pandemic, but most of the time to reach a dream will require a catalyst, just like Martin Luther King Jr. was.

This dream can be reality NOW. Although it will require investment beyond the financial resources. Work and dedication from your whole team to think differently, question a lot of things that has been done the way it is. And especially change your mindset not just looking at  digital transformation as a must do which was forced by a regulatory agency or from a bureaucratic decision.

See the opportunity for You, your colleagues, your management and the industry.

In the past years at ArgonSoft we have been working on this solution. We did not take any chances by partnering with a well-respected academic site in Hungary. Researched all the different regulatory requirements from around the World, examined all the different nuclear medicine processes from research thru validation to production. We collected a lot of feedback from current and future digital nuclear medicine users, used the latest web technologies, hired award winning UX/UI designers and brought our best IT experts to create ASISTO a new digital nuclear medicine software platform to support the complete facility. The power of flexible manufacturing support, simplicity, transparency and full production control can help you to reach this digitization dream.

Be a catalyst and join this “movement”!

During a week of production at a regular radiopharmacy batch report needs 1000 signatures and a Qualified Person has to check even more data. This can be reduced to 2 electronic signatures and a quick overview per batch.

See more details and data on our upcoming Webinars.

Krisztián Beck, ArgonSoft

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